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As an artistic destination wedding photographer, I am constantly inspired by adventurous couples in love and new landscapes wherever I go. I call Georgia home as an Atlanta photographer, but I am always down to pack my bags and create something creative and unique wherever we might end up. I want to photograph weddings all over the world and I am constantly inspired to create and make art every day. It makes my heart beat faster and I feel like I’m fully alive living my passion. Traveling, new experiences, and human connections are one of my biggest inspirations. I like to be a part of your story from start to finish. It is where we create a connection and open that space to have those authentic moments captured between the two of you.

Here are my wedding photography travel locations for 2017. Contact me if you would like to connect along the way or schedule a session while I’m in town!



JANUARY | Cumberland Island
FEBRUARY | Alabama
MARCH | Savannah
APRIL | Savannah
MAY | Savannah
MAY | Chicago, IL
MAY | Tennessee
MAY | New York
JUNE | Alabama
JUNE | South Carolina
JULY | Colorado
AUGUST | Boston
AUGUST | Colorado
SEPTEMBER | Indianapolis
OCTOBER | Seattle
NOVEMBER | Florida
NOVEMBER | Asheville
DECEMBER | Philadelphia


Colorado |  Feb 2 – 5

New Orleans  |  April 5- 8

Jekyll Island |  June 7-9

Cape San Blas, FL |  June 10-17

Marrakech, Morocco |  June 19 -27

Marathon, FL |  July 14- 21

Colorado  | August 9 – 15

Richmond, VA |  October 25- 28

Tennessee  |  December 7- 9

Pending Travel : NYC, California, Italy

Colorado Landscape near Alamosa

**Dates do not reflect Atlanta area weddings.

Michelle Scott Photography has introduced associate photographers in 2018 trained in her signature style.

If you see your date is booked, please shoot us a message to talk through options!