Creative Atlanta Wedding Photos


This year was a whirlwind! Its hard to even remember where the time went. With a new little family of my own at home, 21 weddings and nearly 40 other sessions… my world was pretty much made impart of location scouting, session time, and time with the fam.  From scaling rooftop water towers, to pool party weddings, canoe rides at sunset, and “missing gear” cases (Ekk!!!) , the season sure had its set of highs and lows…but I still loved every minute of it ! A chart topper, was when I was asked by Wes Browing of Sema Films to photograph President Jimmy Carter. Beyond cool, and I was so thankful for the opportunity.

I am so pleased with the direction my brand is heading.   I am solidifying my vision as an artist in my photography and people are starting to seek me out for that.  The same things that move me in my art, still attract me in my photography;  Bold design, vibrant color, movement, and of course, unfiltered love.  It’s the best feeling in the world to meet a couple who want the same thing.  Together, we truly do create something even better than either of us imaged in the beginning.

When I married my husband in 2013, it truly was the best day of my life (not just saying that!)  and I get to feel that nervous energy and excitement all over again, every time I wake up and know it’s another ‘wedding day!’.  You work and plan for sometimes up to a year with details and overall look or some awesome location to try, and we finally get to see it all come to life.  It is just awesome…

I love what I do. Yes I won’t lie, I’m exhausted most of my days.. physically and creatively.. I mean we all know a TON goes into a wedding day on everyones part.  But I still wouldn’t/ couldn’t have it another way.  I have this expectation of always wanting to create something beautiful, to be moved when you see my images..I think that is why I will never stop striving for something new and is what keeps me pushing forward.   I pour my heart and soul into each and every wedding, always pushing for one to be better than the next.. God gave me a gift, and I do my best to nurture and grow that gift for Him, but any success I have,  truly I owe to Him.

I am thrilled to team up with some new amazing couples and venues I have always wanted to shoot at, and get to fly the coop and head to South Carolina, Savannah, and Nashville next season, woot woot! There is even talk of one of my couples exiting their night in a helicopter overlooking the city….um YEAH. Can’t say enough how excited I am about that possibility (!!!!!)

It’s really hard to choose  favorite  pictures because I really do love a great number of them, but I  think the first look image from Holly and Jackson’s wedding at the Georgian Terrace really sets the tone for 2014…epicness.  I always strive to create something different, unique, artistic, and timeless, all in one…so for me, that was it.   I do have to give credit to my handsome hubby Ryan Osterhoudt for hiking up 5 flights of stairs to get it! Couldn’t have done this year  without him , thats for sure.

“If you never chase your dreams, you can’t catch them”

Enjoy a few of the highlights and my picks for 2014.


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