Well it was a year in the making for our session, after we battled the weather on three rescheduled shoots in 2012! Finally we decided to wait till next spring to do the shoot.  Guess the saying is true, because our patience paid off, and we seriously had a perfect weather day! Already married, Cassia and Chris just wanted to celebrate their love, and what a better way then with some stunning pictures!

April 20th, 2013 | Atlanta, GA

CassiaChrisBlog_1 CassiaChrisBlog_2 CassiaChrisBlog_3 CassiaChrisBlog_4 CassiaChrisBlog_5 CassiaChrisBlog_6 CassiaChrisBlog_7 CassiaChrisBlog_8 CassiaChrisBlog_9 CassiaChrisBlog_10 CassiaChrisBlog_11 CassiaChrisBlog_12 CassiaChrisBlog_13 CassiaChrisBlog_14 CassiaChrisBlog_15 CassiaChrisBlog_16 CassiaChrisBlog_17 CassiaChrisBlog_18 CassiaChrisBlog_19 CassiaChrisBlog_20 CassiaChrisBlog_21 CassiaChrisBlog_22 CassiaChrisBlog_23 CassiaChrisBlog_24 CassiaChrisBlog_25 CassiaChrisBlog_26 CassiaChrisBlog_27 CassiaChrisBlog_28 CassiaChrisBlog_29 CassiaChrisBlog_30 CassiaChrisBlog_31 CassiaChrisBlog_32 CassiaChrisBlog_33 CassiaChrisBlog_34 CassiaChrisBlog_35 CassiaChrisBlog_36 CassiaChrisBlog_37 CassiaChrisBlog_38 CassiaChrisBlog_39 CassiaChrisBlog_40 CassiaChrisBlog_41 CassiaChrisBlog_42 CassiaChrisBlog_43 CassiaChrisBlog_44 CassiaChrisBlog_45

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