Where it all began…

It was in the year of 2008, that is when I would say my life changed.  This was the year that I flew 30hrs – a total of 2 jet planes, 1 mini bi-plane, and 2 long Izuzu off-roading car rides, through multiple customs and security stops at each country, to arrive at a small village in Kaji Keji, Sudan. Personally getting out of the bubble I had lived in for so long, really my opened my eyes to the world around me.  This is always where I knew I would always be a photographer.

I was there on a mission trip, but it was the pictures that I came back with, and the people and stories behind them, that are most precious to me now.  I felt honored when people would allow me to take their pictures, its seems that a pictures really knows no language barrier, as it is all visually entertaining to our senses. I knew I had to continue to document the world, in whatever way that may be for different periods in my life.  So the excitement I felt running around, and capturing things that simply pass by with the fleeting moments of time, has only grown stronger over the years.  Here are a few favorites from my journey to Africa.


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