Let’s do this thing.

I’m on the lookout for a certain type of couple.
One who want something different,
because they are different.
The crazy in love, smile if its its raining kind of couple. I want to document the real deal stuff —
candid, beautiful, authentic, truthful moments on the most intimate day of your life.
I want to take our time and create unique, artistic portraits too.
Heirlooms to show the grandkids someday.
I am an artist and a photographer,
one in the same.
I want a connection and a relationship.
Goodbye to vendor and hello friendship.

So looking forward to connecting with you and learning your story.

Couples based in Atlanta, I love an in-person meet and greet to see if we might be a good fit. My studio is located at The Hastings Seed Lofts. Couples outside of Atlanta, we will plan a skype date for sure. Looking forward to our chat!