Such a treat to have two of my favorite things for this session! An awesome person and an awesome location! Both the Goat Farm and Madison have so much character and personality, that it was a match made in heaven.  Also didn’t hurt she was beautiful inside and out, and it made it all to easy to capture some stunning …

Johnny Leon

Johnny Leon,  who is orginally from Costa Rica, is currently working on his debut album “Next to Me” (Junto a mi).  He flew all the way from Kentucky to hot-lanta to really capture that urban vibe for his cover photos.  Nothing less than stopping traffic and discovering abandoned bridges, we got it all!


I did a short session with Heather a few months back before it was fall:) Here are a few shots from the day.  Can’t go wrong at sunset in a field with a pretty girl right lol:)

Tammara’s 1950’s Styled Portrait

Tammara and I had a great oppurtunity to help eachother out. She need photos for her modeling porfolio and I needed more photos with the vintage style I was looking for. So here we were.  We got to shoot at an AMAZING location.  Lynn Rechsteiner’s 1850’s Southern mansion.  It has been feautred in many Southern Living publications.  The day was …

Portrait of Kelly McKernan

A friend of mine and successful artist Kelly McKernan agreed to do a shoot with me to help keep me sharp during some downtime. I found some great rustic locations I had been wanting to try out in Acworth and a few at home in my stuido. Though it was BRUTALLY hot that day, Kelly didn’t miss a beat, and …